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Smile, Jew. Dance, Jew. Tell me you love me, Jew. I got something for you now, though... I got the extermination blues, Jewboys. I got the Hitler syndrome figured.

- Amiri Baraka

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Scientific theory is a contrived foothold in the chaos of living phenomena.

- Wilhelm Reich

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Welcome to Insanely Witty Stupidity

The goal of Insanely Witty Stupidity is entertainment. On the site, you'll find books and short stories, artwork, free software (software that serves a user rather than controlling them), blog-style commentary about the website and other interesting things (Witty News), tools for browsing the web, random thoughts about politics and science, and more.

How Entertaining *Is* Insanely Witty Stupidity?

Insanely entertaining! :D There are series of ongoing books (Case's Cases and Hailey's Follies), short stories or "novella" (L.I.N. & Chuck), and weird artwork. They are not updated very often. But, they are still alive and well. And, progress will continue as long as the ruling elite allows-- just very slowly. Updates about Insanely Witty Stupidity series are going to become more regular in the Witty News column.

Why Free Software?

Hacking is the true purpose of software, not making spreadsheets. For clarity, hacking is not a criminal act-- only creativity employed to make better use of everyday things (for a more detailed analysis, read Richard Stallman's article about hacking vs. cracking).

Free software may be something non-hackers have never heard of. Simply put, it provides some of the best tools a developer can produce for solving a problem (the goal of any software suite). By contrast, non-free software typically limits a user's problem solving to a simple set of tools that are not adequate for the job. For example, compare Microsoft's text editor "Notepad" to GNU's text editor "Emacs".

Witty News


Chapter four is complex... read more


There's only one problem: Samus can't reach the gate to get to the Varia suit... read more


People are *freaking out* over COVID-19 (foolishly referred to as "coronavirus" by a lot of news commentators)... read more

Old News

Hackers: Insanely Witty Stupidity can no longer (in good conscience) recommend using Google to search the world wide web (even using our Insanely Witty Stupidity Google Portal). Google has chosen to punish users for invoking their search engine by bombarding them with CAPTCHAs that are almost impossible to solve (unnecessarily) and invading their privacy. Instead, we now recommend using DuckDuckGo (preferably, their onion site using a Tor browser). And, Insanely Witty Stupidity now offers a DuckDuckGo Portal for basic web browsers (so that DuckDuckGo can be used without interrupting users with lists of "suggestions"). However-- it does not have SSL yet! Eventually, a portal for DuckDuckGo's onion site will be added as well (for Tor users).

Looking for something on the web that's actually interesting? You can find my personal bookmarks here.

* Assume content on this website (and ALL websites) is for adults only. If that's a problem for you, hide in a corner until someone tells you what to do.


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