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Smile, Jew. Dance, Jew. Tell me you love me, Jew. I got something for you now, though... I got the extermination blues, Jewboys. I got the Hitler syndrome figured.

- Amiri Baraka

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It is nobler to declare oneself wrong than to insist on being right-- especially when one is right.

- Friedrich Nietzsche

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Welcome to Insanely Witty Stupidity

The primary goal of Insanely Witty Stupidity is to entertain users. It serves mainly as a "hobby" site for its maintainer (artist-hacker-philosopher Michael Atkins). On the site, you'll find books and short stories, artwork, free software (software that serves a user rather than controlling him/her), blog-style commentary about the website and other interesting things (Witty News), tools for browsing the web (see below), random thoughts about politics and science, and more.

What Does Insanely Witty Stupidity Have to Offer?

There are ongoing book series (Case's Cases and Hailey's Follies), short stories or "novella" (L.I.N. & Chuck), weird art projects, and more (see links above). They are not updated very often. But, they are alive and well. And, progress will continue as long as the ruling elite allows. Updates about Insanely Witty Stupidity series are discussed pretty regularly in the Witty News column. And, changes are documented in the website's changelog (see below).

What Is Free Software?

The true purpose of software is hacking, not office work. Hacking is not security breaking (despite an unsavory reputation it has been appointed by unknowledgeable journalists). It is only creativity employed to make better use of everyday things. For a more detailed analysis, read Richard Stallman's article about hacking vs. cracking.

Free software may be something non-hackers have never heard of. Simply put, it provides some of the best tools a developer can produce for solving a problem (the goal of any software suite). By contrast, non-free software typically limits a user's problem solving to a simple set of tools that are not adequate for the job. For example, compare Microsoft's text editor "Notepad" to GNU's text editor "Emacs".

Witty News


And, it looks like the script kiddie who's been trying to attach to my server's ssh daemon... read more


Even *I* am forced by oppressive "I-T professionals" to launch user-handicapping APIs... read more


RMS was attacked needlessly by pseudo-feminists... read more

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* Assume content on this website (and ALL websites) is for adults only. If that's a problem for you, hide in a corner until someone tells you what to do.


Insanely Thoughtful Articles:


Mayor DeBlasio (in charge of New York City) passed a bill requiring patrons to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination in order to enter a public building. He (honestly) believes that a regulation like this could help to prevent SARS-CoV-2 from spreading. lol. Poor, dumb bastard. He just-- doesn't get it. There *is* no way to stop an airborne, common cold variant from spreading. There never was.

Let's end the practice of oppressive regulation in the civilized world!
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Human beings are capable of just about anything. Unfortunately, they are hammered into a pattern of robotic repitition from the time they are born until the day they die. This forceful practice of extracting mindless actions forges useless drones from endlessly imaginative individuals. Purposeless artifacts are randomly stacked into the shape of a dysfunctional machine. A barbaric creation transforms precious resources into astronomical profits for the benefit of a small group of tyrannical dimwits. Ignorance reigns supreme. This is the destructive power of propaganda-- non-factual information shrouded in a tuxedo of paranoia.

Let's end the practice of oppressive dehumanization in the civilized world!
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Predictably, another hurricane has blown away Louisiana (which has done very little to prepare for weather conditions regularly observed in the area-- like Hurricane Katrina in 2005). Thoughtless apes w/ no common sense are blaming cow farts, coal, natural gas, and engine exhaust (as usual). The fact is, hurricanes happen in the area (and always have). People who live there should consider planning for this. Looks like Governer Edwards announced a $61.6 million grant program (the "Watershed Projects Grant Program") to address flooding in the area.

Let's end the practice of psuedoscience in government regulation!
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