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Smile, Jew. Dance, Jew. Tell me you love me, Jew. I got something for you now, though... I got the extermination blues, Jewboys. I got the Hitler syndrome figured.

- Amiri Baraka

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The fact that political ideologies are tangible realities is not a proof of their vitally necessary character. The bubonic plague was an extraordinarily powerful social reality, but no one would have regarded it as vitally necessary.

- Wilhelm Reich

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Welcome to Insanely Witty Stupidity

The primary goal of Insanely Witty Stupidity is to entertain users. It serves mainly as a "hobby" site for its maintainer (artist-hacker-philosopher Michael Atkins). On the site, you'll find books and short stories, artwork, free software (software that serves a user rather than controlling him/her), blog-style commentary about the website and other interesting things (Witty News), tools for browsing the web (see below), random thoughts about politics and science, and more.

What Does Insanely Witty Stupidity Have to Offer?

There are ongoing book series (Case's Cases and Hailey's Follies), short stories or "novella" (L.I.N. & Chuck), oddball custom software (like the Candice project), weird art projects, and more (see links above). They are not updated very often. But, they are alive and well. And, progress will continue as long as the ruling elite allows. Updates about Insanely Witty Stupidity series are discussed pretty regularly in the Witty News column. And, changes are documented in the website's changelog (see below).

What Is Free Software?

The true purpose of software is hacking, not office work. Hacking is not security breaking (despite an unsavory reputation it has been appointed by unknowledgeable journalists). It is only creativity employed to make better use of everyday things. For a more detailed analysis, read Richard Stallman's article about hacking vs. cracking.

Free software may be something non-hackers have never heard of. Simply put, it provides some of the best tools a developer can produce for solving a problem (the goal of any software suite). By contrast, non-free software typically limits a user's problem solving to a simple set of tools that are not adequate for the job. For example, compare Microsoft's text editor "Notepad" to GNU's text editor "Emacs".

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And (of course), my dumb-ass kittens gotta be eating out of each other's bowls... read more


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Insanely Thoughtful Articles:


The Brandon administration is still going on about that stupid balloon it shot down. And this time, its claiming the Trump administration allowed more of them to float around the states. And, well-- former president Donald Trump and several of his defense team members have a few things to say about that. lol.

And-- just when I thought I couldn't make this story seem interesting. :D
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After years of raking the oil and gas industry over the coals (and enraging foreign powers), the Brandon administration has set its sights on Minnesota's mining industry. Even you green weenies need to be concerned about this move (it affects the manufacture of inferior DC generators like solar panels and windmills).

You can't have it.
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The democrat toilet state (California) is tired of wealthy investors moving away from the junkie infested piece of shit. So, its representatives are hoping to tax *former* citizens when they flee the communist wasteland.

You can't escape.
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German citizens (tired of freezing to death due to Russia shutting off the Nord Stream 2 pipeline President Brandon unsanctioned) are expanding coal production. So, Regreta Dumberg is heading nearly 10,000 citizens in a futile protest of modern civilization.

Some people just never learn.
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Another poorly designed Scooby Doo rewrite (on HBO Max) attempts to portray Velma as a narcissist who enjoys engaging in sexual behavior exclusively with other girls (and claiming she was born doing that, I guess). Why people have chosen to think this about Velma, I will never understand. That character is an old seventies cliche-- a balance between style, feminism, and intellect. And, people understood in the seventies that-- sure, some girls engage in sexual behavior with girls. And yeah, some guys engage in sexual behavior with guys. But, there are no external and clearly identifiable markers for this. And, that is perfectly plausible human behavior (and demonstrates nothing conclusive about the people involved). That's a modern invention (and is completely inaccurate).

I once started this strange "adult" re-envisioning of the Scooby Doo franchise at the end of a free-write file I host from Insanely Witty Stupidity's public text folder. I remember it being pretty weird and ridiculous (and rougly unfinished, of course). And, it was written many years back-- so it will not be up to my current standards. Perhaps I should pick up that old project and start my *own* Scooby Doo fan fiction. :D

Every short haired girl is not a "lesbian". Hell-- every short haired girl who has engaged in sexual behavior with another girl is not a "lesbian".
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The CDC has publicly announced a red flag for stroke risk from the Pfizer SARS-CoV-2 vaccine (and is actively investigating the serum). What I have to say about vaccinations is that-- the ones you gotta get your kids are for their own safety (and pose little risk). The ones available for influenza and now this overly dramatized common cold variant are just half ass concoctions that contain the live virus itself. Using either one is your own personal choice, at your own risk, and completely unnecessary. I assure you, your body's own immune system is completely capable of overcoming a cold. Furthermore, injecting your body with a live virus will only infect it with the virus (obviously). You will then be *contagious* (and perpetuate the virus' dissemanation).

The fact is-- influenza would have died out long ago if people did not continue to vaccinate for it. It is completely unnecessary to do that (and only keeps the virus around). And with SARS-CoV-2, the same is true (hell-- it's the same vaccine). Many of you have already noticed you contracted COVID-19 from its vaccine (and have pledged to stop being vaccinated for harmless common cold variants). I hope you're serious. For those of you who have a compromised immune system-- you're screwed either way. And, you already know that. And the 'rona didn't make things any worse (it's just more of the same, as you know).

You can pay to inject it, or you can catch it for free.
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