Case's Cases - A Free Mystery/Horror Series

"Case's Cases" is a horror series. Its subject matter includes mysterious murders, the occult, ghosts and hauntings, demonic possession, child abuse, and anything else that's violent or horrifying. So, what's the series about? That's actually a difficult question to answer. In its current state, Louis Case is a former police detective and an ex-alcoholic. He's a bit young to hold such a title-- only twenty-six. But, what he lacks in wisdom he makes up for in... wisdom.

Case is seeing a young lady named Tiffany Haynes. She's a practicing witch. Case and Tiffany have adopted Adam and Gabrielle, a young couple that is still in junior high. From time to time, the quartet is asked to look into crimes Case's former colleagues find unusual or mysterious. Case and his team of misfits seem to have a knack for solving them. The thing is... there's usually a reason people ask for favors.

Book #1: R.G.K. Cover .pdf .html
Book #2: Don't Go Upstairs Cover .pdf .html
Book #3: Chasing Shadows .pdf .html



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