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Open Source?
A Message from L.I.N. and Chuck

In the GNU tradition, the majority of my works are free software (including artwork and literature). The exceptions are "R.G.K.," "Don't Go Upstairs," and "Hailey's Comet"-- which are (sadly) copyrighted material that I host online free of charge. Everything else is available under the conditions of free licenses. Why? Because patents are unconstitutional. A true capitalist ensures patrons have the right to obtain useful products. Prosecuting consumers for making existing products more useful inhibits competition.

The archives on this page contain source for projects released under the terms of free licenses. If you're looking for source code for one of my programs, you'll find it in the same archive you got the binary from. If you would like to view the raw source of any of the web pages of (before an apache daemon has a chance to modify it), there is a script written in PHP that allows you to do that. See this page for details. These projects are released without implied warranty.

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