The Catastrophic Capers of L.I.N. and Chuck - A Free Sci-Fi Short Story Series

"The Catastrophic Capers of L.I.N. and Chuck" is a collection of short stories. It's part one of a science fiction series. The series describes the escapades of L.I.N., an android, and Chuck, a programmer. Typically, their adventures revolve around the fantastic: dimensional gateways, tangent universes, black market surgical experiments, time travel, and an alien from Proxima Centauri. This strange activity always seems to lead to the same person: a sadistic, red headed sociopath named Jeff Forrester. Jeff is a former co-worker of Chuck's with several doctorates. And there's just... something about him. There is also a link to some of "L.I.N.'s artwork" (ha) at the bottom of this page. Fans of the series might check it out between stories. It's guaranteed to make them smile!

Series Status: 7 of 7 stories completed
Caper #1: A Man Named Chuck, An Android Named L.I.N. .pdf   .html
Caper #2: I.C.U. .pdf   .html
Caper #3: The Telltale, Telltale Heart .pdf   .html
Caper #4: E .pdf   .html
Caper #5: Food for Thought .pdf   .html
Caper #6: The Subsets .pdf   .html
Caper #7: My Name Is L.I.N.  .pdf   .html
Cover Art for the Series: Catastrophic.png

L.I.N.'s MS Paint Page


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