Conspiracy Theories of the 2016-2020 Presidential Election


So, the United States 2016-2020 presidential election has been a perpetuator of some pretty silly conspiracy theories. For once, the conspiracies are being passed around in the republican party. Usually it's just the crazy, hive minded people on the left who believe in idiotic nonsense. I thought I'd tear apart the things both sets of people are discussing and demonstrate how dumb you all sound (as usual). Please keep in mind-- a conspiracy is a theory based on no evidence.

And so, I really don't know any better place to start than with COVID-19. Oddly, a harmless cold is something I've witnessed more people screaming at each other about than any other. I cannot (for the life of me) imagine why. Pretty much, most people believe COVID-19 is not just a variant of the common cold. And, that it is incredibly dangerous. But, what people do not seem to agree on is what to do about it. I thought I'd clear up both misconceptions.

So first of all, COVID-19 (coronavirus disease, 2019) is the disease of catching the virus SARS-CoV-2 (severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2). And yes, SARS-CoV-2 is just a variant of rhinovirus (the virus that causes the common cold). And (as completely predicted by Insanely Witty Stupidity in March, 2020), it is statistically no more dangerous than seasonal flu or a common cold. Big surprise.

So-- what should we do about it? Answering this question has people at each other's throats. Everyone is very sensitive about this. I find this quite humorous-- because I have known the correct answer to this question since January, 2020. But, I'll start with how people are actually responding to a completely harmless variant of the common cold. So, the vast majority of people seem to believe there should be some sort of regulation in place. And, no one seems to agree on what that should be.

Sorry-- had to pause for a quick laugh. So, some think all people have to do is put a magical mask over their nose and mouth. And (mysteriously), they will now be immune to an airborne virus. SARS-CoV-2 is (after all) a rhinovirus variant. Therefore it is a simple, weak, airborne virus. Jeez-- so hard to write this without laughing at how silly people think. So anyway, I suppose this crazy idea comes from the fact that doctors and nurses working at hospitals wear surgical masks all the time.

So (at least), I can kind of see how people came up with this idea. What they're thinking is that doctors and nurses wear masks because they are trying not to catch a cold from their patients. After all, many people stupidly visit a doctor for a common cold (even though there is *literally* nothing a doctor can do about one). I can clear this up very quickly for all of you-- surgical masks keep saliva from flying out of a nurse or doctor's mouth and landing in a patient's open wound. They have nothing to do with preventing the spread of airborne viruses. :\

If you can't see why this is (sorry-- more boastful cackling), it really is quite simple. A surgical mask (or a scarf or any other type of simple face covering) can prevent most saliva from flying out of a person's mouth. And, a mask can prevent mucus droplets from being spewed from a person's nose. The most common use for a "face covering" is to prevent dust from being inhaled while doing yard work or grinding metal. For example, I've worn a mask for years to mow my grass because I have an allergy to dust.

However, the idea is not that the mask "filters" the air (sorry-- had to pause for more laughing). The way this works is pretty simple-- if a mask completely covers a person's nose and mouth to "filter" the air, they will quickly suffocate. Okay? So-- this is not hard to understand. Where do you think the air you're breathing is coming from when you wear (essentially) a scarf over your nose and mouth? I usually tell people something like, "Think about that." And, I leave them with that. I suppose I'll reveal the secret that many seem to be unable to grasp.

So, you won't suffocate when covering your face. How is this possible? The answer is that the majority of air that you breath when your nose and mouth are covered by a scarf comes from *the edges* of the covering. I clearly saw this recently when I traveled to LeRoy, Michigan to be with my girlfriend for the holidays. It was so cold, I could actually see my and other people's breath exiting the edges of our face coverings. I was not at all surprised by this. I was completely and totally expecting it. I noticed many people were quite confused. A few watched their breath, looked at me, and shook their heads. They honestly had *no idea* where the air they breathe came from!

Anyway, so how can a scarf keep saliva and mucus in while keeping dust particles out? Well (as it turns out), those types of solids are generally too large to pass between a space along the edge of a "face covering". So the question is something like, "How small is a virus?" And, I hate to tell everyone this. But the answer is, "Small enough to pass between a space at the edge of a face covering." Yeah.

This is common knowledge. The CDC (for example) has known this for many decades. That is why they designed level 4 quarantine suits with tightly sealed *gas masks* and private air supplies. The difference with a gas mask is that the edges of the mask are sealed with a rubber gasket (which is completely air tight). Unlike a scarf, a gas mask will suffocate a person unless it is attached to an air tank so they can breathe! Even a level 4 quarantine suit is not entirely fullproof against an airborne virus. But, it is more fullproof than a scarf. A scarf is 0% effective against preventing the spread of a rhinovirus. Again-- common knowledge.

So-- should everyone be running around with a scarf over their nose and mouth? Some are arguing a mask can cause people issues with carbon dioxide buildup. And, they believe wearing a mask is a bad idea. Again (if a person is wearing a face covering), they will have no difficulty breathing. The air they are breathing is coming from the edges of their mask.

So, no-- a face covering will not cause carbon dioxide to "build up". That's just as silly as believing a mask will prevent an airborne virus from spreading. A face covering is *not* air tight. So (the fact is), this will cause little or no problems for a person wearing a face covering. However, it will do absolutely nothing to prevent the spread of an airborne virus. So, there is no actual need to wear one. There never has been. That is also nonsense.

What can be done about COVID-19? Actually-- nothing. There was never anything that could've been done. There was never anything to do. SARS-CoV-2 (again) is a harmless rhinovirus variant. Statistically, it has proven to be no more fatal than seasonal flu or a common cold. Therefore, a person's immune system is completely and totally capable of annihilating the virus on its own. So, why are foolish people forcing citizens to wear masks? The truth is, they are just trying to cover their butts. Unfortunately, they made the mistake of choosing a completely silly solution that (clearly) will make no difference.

I actually disclosed a much better way for people to cover their asses in January, 2020. And, I told every person I talked to about it-- knowing full well it would fall on deaf ears. And, I figured everybody would be stupidly wearing surgical masks in a few months (even way back then). But, I told as many people as I could. That way, I could consistently remind them later-- just how stupid they are. And, you know what? Nobody talks to me about this stupidity, anymore. I've shut them all up about it.

And so (if people really want to cover their butts), the best solution to the "some people are afraid to be infected with SARS-CoV-2" problem is to open a public quarantine facility. This should be held in an air tight building with a private air supply. And, people should be required to pass a screening in order to enter. And, entrance should be VOLUNTARY (not mandated). This would protect people who are immunocompromised and/or elderly from catching the virus. This is all that will ever be needed to eradicate liability.

And this is all people forcing mask mandates and "social distancing" are afraid of, anyway. This is completely obvious to me. Because, the virus is harmless (number one). And, no one is strictly enforcing their mandates (number two). After all, we're not dealing with smallpox here. Ironically, I think immunocompromised people and elderly people will be very unlikely to show up at a voluntary quarantine. Most likely, just the bigfoot and UFO conspiracy nuts will come knocking. But ultimately, this forces the liability onto people who didn't quarantine themselves. Solved.

The vaccine that President Trump pulled strings for is also helpful. Thankfully, he and other human rights advocates waived some beaurocratic red tape to have it quickly developed. If they had not done that, it would've been 10+ years before we had a simple vaccine!! The vaccine should change the game. I see everyone is still wearing their face diapers. However, everyone seems a lot more relaxed when some don't (I've noticed). That's because they know (deep down) the problem is basically solved. It's just a matter of being vaccinated.

I predict that in the next few months, no one will be wearing a mask. I assume businesses will start to make a comeback. But, some (I'm afraid) were lost forever. Because of a common rhinovirus variant-- something that is completely harmless. Think about that. Those of you who are afraid of catching COVID-19 can take vitamin D and zinc. Vitamin C can also help. However, it tends to cause gastrointestinal discomfort. So, watch out for that. *I* can't take it at all.

Anyway, I started this article to discuss conspiracy theories. Some republicans are *still* going on about the 2020-2024 presidential election. They are convinced Trump won a second term. And, there seems to be no way to convince them otherwise. I (personally) voted for Donald Trump. I woke up November, 4 to find he had lost. I accepted his defeat right away and moved on with my life. I'm not thrilled about some crazy, old fart abusing privaleges he does not have in order to modify the United States constitution in a way that was never intended. But, I mean-- the guy won the vote.

The democrats won the house and the senate as well. And so, democrats are going to shit all over the American people for the next two years. It's the way it is. It's the way it has always been. And as long as people believe it is okay to modify the United States constitution, that is the way it will continue to be.

Personally, I don't see how people rationalize that it is okay to modify our constitution. It is a signed document. It is an as is deal. There is no changing it. There was *never* any changing it. Yet, it contains a list of "amendments". And, there are currently nine justices sitting on our supreme court (not seven). And, there is a national healthcare system (Medicare). And, the United States government is sending people "stimulus checks" to combat poverty caused by a completely harmless virus. And, the senate and the congress are basing decisions on a 50-50 vote instead of a 2/3 majority vote. And, Nixon annihilated our treasury's gold standard (creating trillions of dollars of national debt). And-- absolutely none of these things are in the United States constitution!!!

But, I digress. The people have voted for this. And so, that is what is going to happen. And maybe in two years, the people will vote to take some power back. Can everyone make it two years? What's going to happen is the same thing that always happens-- democrats will impose government programs, regulations, and taxes no one authorized them to impose. And when republicans take back control, they'll waive most of that nonsense. And (really), that's not the way it's supposed to work. People in our national government are making changes they are not supposed to be making.

So just remember-- as long as you are okay with people changing the United States constitution, people are going to continue to increase our nation's power (not reduce it). Ending government programs means eliminating amendments to our constitution. For example-- the right to bear arms. That has no place in our constitution because our national government does not have the power to tell people if they have that right. That is up for a state to decide. Our national government's duty is to defend our borders and print money. That's it.

So if the state of California wants to ban firearms (for example), let them. The beauty of a states system with this type of distributed power (a republic) is that people can see what happens. When California spends ten years banning firearms and becomes overrun with firearm weilding criminals and no way to defend themselves, then people can see why they should not do that. And, the state of Texas can sell people full blown assault rifles. And (low and behold), people will be too afraid to steal shit in Texas. Or, maybe I am completely wrong about this. Let's find out! It's the way our system is *supposed* to function.

Another weird conpiracy I heard about is some kind of crazy theory that President Trump is going to flee to Scotland after his term ends. I have not only read about this in social media comments and seen it in memes. I read this crazy shit on Richard Stallman's news feed ( Boy, you democrats peddle some strange fantasies. I wonder sometimes if any of you have any idea how the world works. Where in God's holy name do you come up with this nonsense? Why would the man need to flee something? For what reason?

I'm going to guess this strange rumor started on MSNBC (where else?) And, I'm going to make a prediction-- the president of the United States will not be "fleeing" the country when his term ends. Rather, he will go on living his life just like any other former president. What else would he do? I read the other day he is planning on endorsing some senators to run in Georgia in 2022. I assume he will not be able to do that from Scotland.

Also, I read the house majority leader (Nancy Pelosi) is introducing a second articles of impeachment against the president because protesters stormed a capitol building the other day. If you are confused by this, this is a statement the majority leader is making. She has no intention of carrying out a second impeachment process. Clearly, there is no sense in impeaching a president when his term will be ending in less than two weeks.

Also, President Trump's lawyer from the congress's first impeachment (Alan Dershowitz) has already stated Trump will not be removed from office since he will (at that point) be a common citizen. If you believe this is possibly what Trump is "fleeing" from, then just think about that for a minute. And, yeah-- good chance MSNBC is already pushing this poppycock. That's because people will foolishly believe it.

Boy-- I was hoping to talk about more. But (as usual), I am short on time. I finished chapter six of Ghosts of Glory High 2020-11-17. And, I am about halfway through chapter seven. I should be able to finish the seventh chapter this weekend or the next. Christmas and New Year's really screwed up my productivity. But, I resumed working on it last week. And, I plan to power through to the end. So, keep checking the ol' Witty News for updates.



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