COVID-19-- An Embarrassing Day in Civilized History


People are *freaking out* over COVID-19 (foolishly referred to as "coronavirus" by a lot of news commentators). Dobbs Tonight announced yesterday it will be referring to the virus as "Wuhan virus". And, this is the same convention Insanely Witty Stupidity will be adopting. :D

President Trump announced yesterday that the United States will be banning all travel from Europe for a month over the virus. The NBA just banned all its fans from viewing games publicly for the rest of the season. The DOW dropped something like 2,200 points today (a new record). People are closing schools and asking employees to work from home. People are storming grocery stores and hoarding supplies. Witty News is going on record this day (03-12-2020)-- declaring that the Wuhan virus is no more dangerous than the flu or the common cold. Witty News assures people none of these extreme measures are necessary in any way. It is the hope of Insanely Witty Stupidity that people will come to their senses and think about what they are doing. I urge you to re-examine this article a month from now and think about how you reacted. We'll see who was right.

In other news-- I managed to finish writing chapter two of Ghosts of Glory High last month (about a week before the end of the month as I recall). At the moment, I'm working on chapter three. I should be able to finish it by the end of March. Possibly, I may be able to start chapter four. I was hoping I could find some time to develop a rudimentary microkernel with interprocess communication that runs on top of other operating systems during February. I didn't write a single piece of code for this. xD I didn't write a plot summary for my next Case's Cases project, either. But, neither project was ever far from my thoughts.

Instead, I've been working very hard on my next book. And, I have no plans to stop until it's finished. So, I won't be setting any more deadlines for Insanely Witty Stupidity other than deadlines for Ghosts of Glory High for now. Its completion is very important to me. And, the work I'm doing for the project is some of the best I've ever done. Also-- it's some of the most controversial. But, I'd better stop right there. I don't want to say too much! If I *do* finish something other than work for Ghosts of Glory High, I'll be sure and share it with all of you. ;)



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