Precompiled Slackware Packages from Insanely Witty Stupidity

Congratulations on your acquisition of Slack from Insanely Witty Stupidity! You do J.R. "Bob" Dobbs proud. ;)

Insanely Witty Stupidity's Slackware page was started to share precompiled Slackware packages with users who are running SlackwareArm on systems such as the Raspberry Pi. But now, Insanely Witty Stupidity hosts many precompiled packages for x86 systems as well (and, its archive keeps growing). This is mainly for the convenience of Insanely Stupidity's local maintainance. But-- feel free to download and install our custom Slackware packages all you want! Hopefully, you will find some of them useful (Insanely Witty Stupidity's ffmpeg and VLC packages compiled for SlackwareArm are probably the most helpful Slackware packages in the archive).

After a quick search, you'll find that is one of few websites that hosts packages for Slackware systems compiled for ARM processors. At the moment, SlackwareArm is the official operating system used to host (although, this could be easily changed should the need arise). The website is stored on a 32 gigabyte Micro SD card. And, it is delivered by a Raspberry Pi.

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