Ghosts of Glory High: Chapter Four


I finally finished chapter four of Ghosts of Glory High ("officially", I finished it 2020-06-20). The last Witty News article that mentions the book was written 2020-04-05. That makes this chapter two and a half months in the making! :o

It was worth it, though. It turned out really great. It was supposed to be easy (according to my last Witty News article). I underestimated this monstrosity. The details it needed and the story it tells-- well, it took a lot of work to complete (that is, to write it *correctly*). And, I initially "finished" it. And, I poked around. And I got the feeling it was more like an outline than a finished product. And so, I spent several weeks re-working it before I felt like it was *right*.

My girlfriend came down to see me before it was finished. That didn't help. She'll be with me for a while. And so, I'm not sure how much time I'll be able to spend working on chapter five. I'm trying to find time to squeeze it in here and there. So far, I haven't written anything. But-- it will take as long as it takes. And, I don't rush my work (which is why it's better than a lot of other crap floating around). A good story like Ghosts of Glory High is crafted-- not quickly scribbled down.

Chapter four is complex. It required a lot of descriptive detail (to really do it justice). And, it creates the bulk of the story's conflict. It's also very original and artistic. But-- I should probably stop right there. I don't want to give away too much! :D

I also drew an *unofficial* cover for the book (although, I'm not sure I like it). You can check it out here. I usually throw in a little something extra when I reveal progress on one of my projects (usually, something "hacker" related). So, I tore Firefox a new one over their browser's new Pocket "news" feature (you're welcome):

The *real* reason Firefox integrated Pocket (formerly a Firefox "add-on") into their browser is so they can bombard hard-working citizens with leftist, socialist, fascist, fake news and anti-science (much like the Nazi Socialist Workers' Party did in 1940s Germany). This is a political move (that took place shortly after Donald Trump took office as president of the United States-- coincidentally). And, us Firefox users know damn good and well that's what it is. And, the majority of the so called "articles" I see in this bullshit Pocket "news" feed are left-leaning, opinionated nonsense-- designed to annihilate people's liberty, tear down their humanity, insult them personally, and reverse technological progress and commerce.

And, it's bullshit. And, we all know it's bullshit. And, that's why so many Firefox users have complained about this nihilistic character assassination (not because it's an attack on free software; that's obviously not the most important point-- and that claim is not correct, anyway). Supposedly, Firefox and other free software projects are maintained in order to enhance a user's liberty. But, we all see that we're just pawns in a lot of so called "free" software's imaginary chess games.

GNU and the FSF pull the same kind of leftist shit. And, it's all really just a (failed) attempt at grabbing power. And, all of us GNU users secretly know it (and put up with it). And, Richard Stallman is obviously a retarded gorilla who can barely put two sentences together in order to demonstrate his understanding of politics (or anything else that is the least bit significant). But, at least GNU and the FSF continue to maintain their history of not integrating complete (obviously) bullshit "news" features like Firefox's Nazi Pocket into their software-- and, all this for the sake of upholding a user's liberty (which is the whole point of free software!)

And, the way they do this is by offering fascist shit like Pocket-- but allowing a user to integrate it by choice (by maintaining it as a separate system). For example, Gnus is a Nazi socialist, anti-science, left-leaning, fake news attack on liberty and a person's right to manufacture and sell goods. And, it is a package that is bundled into Emacs. However, GNU doesn't bombard a user with Gnus articles any time they start Emacs. And, they can always remove Gnus from their Emacs package list if they want. Forcing Gnus into a user's Emacs system, launching it at startup, and giving a user no way to remove it from Emacs would only reveal GNU and the FSF as fraudulent perpetuators of fascist propaganda (which (of course) is precisely what they are; but also, they are something more).

I respect the GNU project and the FSF for their continued support for *this* type of software development-- just not their encouragement of publishing misguided, pro-government, de-humanist, anti-science, political propaganda.



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