A Solution to the EU's Latest Attack on Liberty


Looks like Firefox developers took the liberty of releasing an addon to combat cookie warnings. So, all you ignorant web developers who are stupid enough to cram a half page cookie warning into every user's browser that connects to your website-- I am officially giving you the finger! xD

Now as a reminder (I mean-- it's just basic programming), it's an incredibly BAD idea to cram half a page worth of bullshit into the lower half of somebody's web browser window warning them about something they care nothing about. That's not to mention the fact that the top half of their browser window is *already* crammed full of bullshit because-- well-- your website is a piece of SHIT that barely works! But, you know-- the least you could do is attempt to discover what area a person's modem is located before you cram their web browser window full of warnings that your website (like nearly every other website on the internet) may use javascript cookies. After all-- you *do* realize the ban on cookies only applies to people in the European Union, right?? So maybe check that a user is browsing your website from that area, first? Hello-o-o!!!

If you're a hacker like myself, there is a solution to this ridiculous nuisance. I'm not sure how long it's been out. Not long enough. It's called "I don't care about cookies." It's an addon for Firefox (my browser of choice). You can find the addon here and install it. Granted, this is not the best solution to this problem. This is a problem that should not be. Developers could ask a browser what area it's browsing from. And, they could only send a cookie warning to users browsing from the EU. Or, they could take the Insanely Witty Stupidity approach-- assume a user has cookies disabled if it's against the law for that person to use them. *facepalm*



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